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Final Sub Rosa at Black Flower
BassBunny & Create Present Shookah
San Holo Afterparty
Black Flower Halloween Video
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Shooka Afterparty @ CityBar presented by BassBunny Productions

Featured Mix by Phyphr

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@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 11 hours

RT : Obama just appointed an Ebola Czar with zero experience in the medical area and zero experience in infectious disease…

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 12 hours

Boy this tweet didn't age very well.

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 1 week

RT : 10 days post-impeachment & he thinks he’s the king.

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 1 week

Okay Russia, calm your tits.

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 2 weeks

Happpppppppy Birthday Larry <3 🥰😘

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 3 weeks

RT : Amb Yovanovitch: “I have seen dictatorships around the world, where blind obedience is the norm & truth-tellers are thre…

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 3 weeks

RT : I want to buy this gentleman a beer. 🍺 He doesn’t take any crap from an ignorant, belligerent Trump cultist: “Do you l…

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 4 weeks

RT : Be kind to each other

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