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Final Sub Rosa at Black Flower
BassBunny & Create Present Shookah
San Holo Afterparty
Black Flower Halloween Video
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Shooka Afterparty @ CityBar presented by BassBunny Productions

Featured Mix by Phyphr

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@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 7 hours

News flash Trumpers, Trump is a celebrity you fucking morons voted into office and he is BOTCHING the job entirely.

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 22 hours

- GREAT SET. Hope you do another one soon 🥰😍😘

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 1 day

RT : Something you learn when taking command of any Army unit, no matter size or scope of reaponsibility: You own it, on day…

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 2 days

RT : ' are also on a mission right now. They’re about to drop two very special tracks to raise money for…

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 4 days

RT : Gov. Cuomo’s daily pressers are clear-eyed, sober, fact-based briefings. Trump’s pressers? When asked by a reporter wh…

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 4 days

RT : 🚨GREAT NEWS! Moderna, the firm behind the 1st potential for to start clinical trials, plans to pro…

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 5 days

RT : I don’t even know how to respond to the below statement. Going to simply retweet it for your awareness.

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 5 days

RT : The best way to protect our economy in this crisis is to protect workers & families, who are the life-blood of it. That…

@BaSsBuNnY@BaSsBuNnY - 5 days

RT : It’s a plague, a depression, and the president is corrupt, cruel, illiterate, and insane

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